Canine Performance Sciences


Dog Bite Prevention
By: Ravali Bheemanathini

Nearly 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year and half of those are children.

Auburn University’s agricultural communications students helped combat statistic by partnering with Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Canine Performance Sciences to help raise awareness to dogs and their behaviors.

Canine Performance Sciences wanted to develop an eight-lesson dog bite prevention program that schools would be able to download and use in the classroom in hopes of teaching children at an early age how dogs behave. Students in Ag Hill Communications were able to put their creativity to the test to help develop a program that would be fit for young children particularly at the level of first grade.

With already written curriculum, AHC was tasked with creating all lessons in the form of PowerPoints, booklets, and videos.

There would be approximately eight lessons, starting with an introduction video with Pam Haney, CPS’s manager, and Lily, the yellow lab followed by a PowerPoint lesson and ending with a lesson booklet for the students to take home and work on.

Lesson topics would cover understanding dogs, staying safe with dogs, how to meet a dog, doggy downtime, understanding dogs’ thinking, and the best way to play with dogs.

Haney hopes by the end of the eight weeks, the students will be able to use these lessons in the future whenever they run into any dogs in their lifetime.